Critical Care for Animal Angels is a 501(c)3 non-profit volunteer-based organization dedicated to rescuing primarily homeless, injured or sick dogs from high-kill shelters in Georgia. We operate through a network of foster homes in the Middle Georgia area and our efforts are funded by tax-deductible contributions from kind-hearted people and organizations who care just as much as we do about making a difference. To find out more about us visit our Facebook page.

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Emergency Cases 

Bree was a victim of domestic violence. The boyfriend got mad and threw a coffee table. He missed the girlfriend and hit this tiny baby. She had head trauma and was having seizures when she came to us. She also had a hole in her leg. She is blind. We were afraid that she was not going to make it. We all loved and cared for Bree. We would rotate taking care of her. Bree started to make amazing progress. She started to walk, eat on her own, and play. She had surgery to fix the hole in her leg. Bree has since been adopted and is loving life. 

Blondie was one of the dogs from a breeder bust that happened in Peach County. She was in the worst condition. She was totally emaciated, covered in blood from the fleas, and very anemic.  We were shocked she survived the ride to the vet.  She would have been dead within a day or two had we not arrived. She was such a joy and blossomed into the most loving and beautiful girl. She has since been adopted.

Nadia was found in someone’s front bush, by the blood trail left and the condition her leg was found in. We assume she was tied out in a yard and possibly attacked by another animal. Thankfully Critical Care was called out to the scene and was able to get her to our emergency vet. Nadia’s road to recovery was only just beginning. Nadia's leg was very infected and required an immediate amputation. Before Nadia was able to get the amputation she desperately needed, we had to get her healthier first. After weeks of antibiotics and daily visits to the vet for cleaning and bandage changes, Nadia was finally ready for surgery. At first, Nadia's recovery was going great. Then her muscle started to grow and get stronger, enough so, to move the remaining bone left in her leg, which caused her stitches to pop out. Nadia once again had to have surgery on her leg, thankfully this surgery was a success! In no time Nadia was up running and playing. Nadia has since been adopted. 



Embedded collars are something we see quite often.  This is our Gabriel.  He was just under a year old and his embedded collar went all the way around his neck. He had two surgeries to repair the injuries. We originally thought he was deaf because of his energy. He was harming himself in the rescue and we could not put him out with other dogs at first.  We started him on a Prozac routine and one of our volunteers came daily to play with him and work with him on his manners. He got a little better, the team would take him out in public places for Doggy Day Out.  Gradually, we were able to wean him off the Prozac.  He is now in a loving family with another dog that is his best friend. They love him madly. 

Stark came to us with chemical burns. He had chemical burns all over him. He had chemical burns on his leg really bad. He also had chemical burns in his mouth. After serval surgeries, Stark was able to run and play again. He is a very sweet boy and he loves everyone. Stark has since been adopted and is enjoying life with his family.

Donations always needed 

* Collars

* Grain-Free/Chicken Free Food 

* Blankets

* Puppy pads

* Toys

* Treats (Chicken Free)


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